This Woman's Husband Cheated On Her With His Young Secretary. Her Revenge is PERFECT.

Revenge is a dish best served with patience.

#3 The Affair

#3 The Affair

They were married for 37 years. Jake and Edith had been together that long. And Edith sincerely did think that this was it, her happy ending. But sadly, it wasn't.

Jake was having an affair with his young secretary.

When confronted, Jake choose the secretary over his wife. He dumped his wife of 37 years just like that.

As if that wasn't enough, the secretary(to be read as housewrecker) wanted to live in the same multi-million dollar home, Jake and Edith had lived in.

And since Jake had better lawyers, he got to keep the house in the end. But Edith....

#2 Edith Had A Surprised Planned For Her Ex-Husband

#2 Edith Had A Surprised Planned For Her Ex-Husband

Jake had given Edith 3 days to move out.

The first day, Edith packed her belongings.

The second day, she had the movers come over and move her things.

The third day, it's said, "she sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining room table by candlelight, put on some soft background music, and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a bottle of Chardonnay."


Guess what she did after she was done with her dinner?

She went to each and every room in the house and stuffed caviar coated half-eaten shrimp shells into the hollow of the curtain rods. Later, she cleaned up the kitchen and left.

So, the next day Jake arrived with his girlfriend and everthing was all bliss and perfect the first few days.

But then....

#1 Epic!

The house began to smell. It was downright horrible. And no one knew why!

They cleaned, mopped and aired the place out! But the smell didn't go away! Carpets were cleaned and the vents were checked for dead animals. Hung up air fresheners everywhere, exterminators came in who set off gas canisters(the couple moved up during this time) and even replaced the expensive wool carpeting! But NOTHINg worked!

The maid quit, no repairman would come over, even the friends stayed away!

They tried selling the house but the house reeked so bad, no one wanted to buy it!

The local realtor soon stopped returning their calls as well. The house gained quite a reputation. Eventually, Jake and his girlfriend had to take a loan from the bank to buy a new place.

Then casually one day, Edith called up Jake and asked how things were. After hearing about the reeking house, Edith said she missed her home terribly and said she was willing to reduce her divorce settlement in return for the house.

Thinking he was getting the best deal out of this he agreed to sell the house for one tenth of its original price(he thought his ex-wife didn't know how bad the house smelled). He even placed one condition- she had to sign the papers that day itself. To which Edith agreed happily.

Within the hour, the papers were delivered and the deal was done.

And a week later, Jake and his girlfriend stood watching as the movers packed everything to take to their new house. They even took the curtains with them.


This story has been on the internet awhile now. It's sort of an urban legend actually.

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