This Is How A Casual Goofy Video Of A Child Playing Became An Example Of What Parenting Is All About

Mom's behind the camera, dad's fast asleep and then something horrifying happens to the baby.

#3 Father-Daughter

#3 Father-Daughter

The father-daughter bonds is one of the most precious bonds in the world. It's so much more than any words can describe.

Fathers are like that one big strength in life that even if no one's there for you, as long as dad's there it's alright.

And as far as dad's are concerned, they will do anything to put a smile on your face. And the protective world they put together for us with such care.....

Dads are every little girl's first hero.

Just like Madison's dad Ian.

#2 A normal day

#2 A normal day

Ian was fast asleep as his daughter played on his back.

Ian's wife was behind the camera at a distance capturing little Maddie's antics.

She pushes her father but Ian is too deep in sleep.

But then suddenly, as she gets up...

#1 She Falls!

Just as the little girl gets to her feet, she suddenly tips back and falls off the bed!

But just as she's above to falls, dad comes to the rescue!

What happens next is a pure example of what a dad's instinct is like...

Just as his daughter falls, Ian's hand shoots out and catches Maddie's right ankle and pulls her on to the bed.

All this while Ian was sleeping but his fatherly instincts weren't.

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