This Cute Girl has Four Parents? Do Not Know How? Check Out This

4-year-old Maelyn Player has a loving mom and dad- as well as stepmom and stepdad.

Parenthood is the most loving feeling for every single couple. Their first child has always a special place in their life. You and spouse always try to be around your child in order to give proper care and attention. Despite all this, there are some couples who are not romantically involved with each other and decided to stay apart from each other that adversely affects the future of their children.

Despite this bitter truth, there are few people who truly understand the meaning of parenthood and still try to maintain a loving environment around their child, despite the sour relationships between husband and wife. The best example of this is four-year-old Maelyn Player's parents who despite their re-marriage to different people still try to bring togetherness to their daughter.

Clara Cazeau and her ex-husband Ricky Player decided to split with each other but mutually came upon the ground of raising their 4-years-old daughter Maelyn with equal care and attention. Therefore, both the ex-wife and husband with their new husband and wife decided to bring happiness to Maelyn by co-parenting her in the company of each other. In order to best understand the meaning of parenthood and broken relationships, Clara Cazeau with her new husband and Ricky Player with his new wife Emilee decided to do best to this child and bring her all happiness and love.

Check out what all the four parents did that was something really special for Maelyn.

Clara Cazeau in her conservation with Huffington Post describes the joint efforts of all the parents, including real mom and real dad along with step mom and step dad. She described how all the four people meet each other for birthday parties, holidays and even for Maelyn’s soccer game wearing custom t-shirts in order make her always happy and cheerful.

Maelyn’s real mother Clara also described the hard process of co-parenting their daughter despite sour relationship. According to her, first it was difficult with the presence of old feelings between husband and wife, but it all went though with time and focus only shifted towards their 4-year-old daughter.

This is a guiding example for every single couple going through tough times of broken marriages and not being able to raise their child with proper care and love.

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