The reason this 4 year old and 30 year old got married will bring tears to your eyes.

When a 30 year-old Matt Hickling mt 4 year old leukemia patient Abby,he was immediately drawn to her.The two become very close and eventually developed an extremely close connection.Abby was so smitten with Matt that one day she told her mother she wanted to marry .....

Matt Hickling, 30-year-old nurse met 4-year-old patient Abby and he knew immediately that they had a deep connection. One day, Abby, who was clearly smitten by Matt told her mother that she wanted to marry him. Her mother laughed it off but on further insistence by Abby, she decided to contact Matt. Matt was overwhelmed by Abby's wish and decided to make it come true.

He immediately came up with a plan with the assistance of his fellow hospital staff and gave exactly what Abby wanted.

Matt took Abby's mother's permission for posting the updates on Facebook and she let him do it.

This is what he had to say.

Matt took up Abby's wish seriously and with the immense help of the hospital staff made a makeshift aisle decorated with rose petals in the middle of the hospital room. He even arranged for a bouquet and a white dress for Abby.

The staff meticulously enlisted doctors and nurses who would be the bridesmaids, officiant, ring bearer.

She was given away by her mother and walked down the aisle in her white dress with the bouquet towards her husband-to-be.

They sealed the deal with a huge hug and exchanged ring pops to make their wedding official.They took a stroll in their "Just Married" car which Matt pushed and went back to the room for cake and pictures.

But what made Matt took this major step? Continue ahead.

Abby was visibly happy and stated, "this is the best day ever". She hopped around in her amazing dress, veil and beautiful bouquet.

The wedding gift was a picture of Matt and Abby which was signed by the entire staff.

Abby is suffering from leukaemia but everyone deserves to be happy. Matt decision gave immense joy to Abby and her mother as she shares her happiness on Abby's Facebook page

Abby was extremely happy with this wedding and her mother posted on Abby's Facebook page, 'Amazing Abby as to how amazing it was of Matt to do all that he did and also special thanks to the hospital.'

Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer deserves a loud shout out for creating an everlasting memory of a little girl and her mother

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