See Where Eminem's Ex-Wife Is Currently

Remember Eminem's wife? See what she is up to nowadays...

#5 The Troubled Relationship

#5 The Troubled Relationship

Along with his unbelievable rapping skills, Eminem is also famous for writing songs that depict how much he hates his wife. One of the most polarizing relationships in hip hop was between Eminem and Kim Mathers.

He often rapped about wanting to kill his wife. Even though they had a messy relationship and faced innumerable hindrances, together, they were able to climb over them the first time.

#4 Remarriage

#4 Remarriage

They decided to give their relationship another chance and remarried in the year 2006. The childhood couple thought that this time it will work.

Despite not being ready to fully commit to a second marriage, Kim placed her trust in Eminem and tried again for the sake of their family. Together, they have 3 beautiful children.

What happened Next? Where is Kim right now? How are their children?

Keep reading ahead to know all this.

#3 And Separation Again

#3 And Separation Again

But again things got out of control. Eminem got in a heated argument with his wife and they didn't speak for almost a month. And then in 2006, they filed for divorce again. Nothing was going right for either of them.

#2 Almost killed Him

#2 Almost killed Him

Both of them faced a lot of tragedies in life after separating from each other for the second time.

In hopes of crushing his insomnia, Eminem began heavily relying on valium, ambien and methadone. These drugs almost killed him once upon a time.

On the other hand, Kim lost her twin sister to a drug overdose. Because of that, she tried to commit suicide when she intentionally crashed her car. Fortunately, she made it out alive. But where is she now?

#1 Her Present

Presently, everything is alright in both, Eminem and Kim's life. Kim currently lives in Detroit and is raising her daughter Whitney, while Hailie is an undergrad at Michigan State and Amanda is studying at Oakland. Thankfully, both these people are in a better place in their lives right now.

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