Respect Your Parents In Their Old Age- A Short Touching Story

A dewy-eyed conversation between a mom and son...

Every time I come across this story, I always find it full of Life Lesson and very Inspiring. At last, after giving it many reads, I decided to share it too. It's a story of a conversation between a Mother and a Son.

We get so busy and lost in growing up, we forget that our parents are growing old too. Just like they have been there for us all their lives, it’s the time for us to be there for them. Just hug them and tell them, you are always there for them. Parents don't require anything special from their grown-up children, but love, care, and respect are just the 3 things any person of any age wants in his/her life.

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After father's death, the son decided to leave his mother at an old age home. He visits her to the old-age home on and off.

Once he received a call from the old age home… The nurse said, “Your mom is very serious please come and visit her.”

So, the son went and saw that his mom was very critical and on her dying bed.

He asked his Mom, "What can I do for you?"

Read next to see what mother demanded

Mom replied:
“Please install fans in the old age home, as there are none. Also, put a fridge for the betterment of food because many times I slept without food”.

The son was surprised and asked: Mom, while you were here you never complained, but now you have few hours left and you are telling me all this, why?

That mother's reply will leave you in tears....

Mom replied:
“It’s OK dear, I’ve managed with the heat, hunger pain, but when your children will send you here, I am afraid you will not be able to manage.!"

Respect your parents. They've sacrificed their pleasures just to fulfil all your demands and wishes.

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