He Writes A Few Heartfelt Words To His Pregnant Girlfriend On Instagram, But Fate Had Some Other Plans For Him!

Who knew these would be the last words to his new family. Jose Fernandez, who played baseball for Miami died a fees days back in an accident. Rest in peace Jose.

#3 A New Beginning.

#3 A New Beginning.

Love is the most beautiful thing to happen in anyone's life. It gives strength to conquer all the odds. And when that loves bores an even more amazing thing, the symbol for their love, their first baby.

Miami Merlin's baseball player Jose Fernandez had declared a few days back about the new phase in his and his girlfriend's life. But Fate couldn't digest his happiness and had some real bad decision for the couple whod just begun their life's new beginning.

#2 The Tragedy Led To A Great Loss!

#2 The Tragedy Led To A Great Loss!

Jose and his wife were expecting their first baby. Five days later when the player had announced about the new bunch of happiness' arrival on Instagram, he met with a an accident while boating. He lost his life.

But the words he wrote to his girlfriend were truly heartbreaking.

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#1 His Final Words!

#1 His Final Words!

Jose had uploaded a beach side picture of his lady love, Carla Mendoza stating, "I’m so glad you came into my life, I’m ready for where this journey is gonna take us together. #familyfirst”

Unfortunately, his first few lines for his baby and girlfriend became the last words.

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