Groom Slips On A T-Shirt. When He Turns Around To Reveal THIS On The Front? The Bride Is STUNNED.

This love will surely melt your heart to tears.

#3 The Big Day.

#3 The Big Day.

Every girl has a dream to marry her prince charming. No matter, whether he arrives on his white horse or not, his unconditional love would be sufficient to convince her to leave her parent's house and take a new step with him, forever.

This was somewhat a relatable story of Shannon, who'd been a bridesmaid all this while but couldn't be a bride herself. She had always wanted to be a bride, like any other girl, and walk down the aisle with her father. One day she met this guy Don and had her heart for him. Love grew on both sides and they'd decided to tie the knot.

Not only Shannon had got a loving partner but a beautiful family as well, Don had two sons.

But some tragic incident took place and shattered all her dreams for her wedding...

#2 The Wedding Dance.

#2 The Wedding Dance.

Even Shannon had a wish to dance with her father on her Big day. The one last dance as only his darling daughter. But all her desires were broken when her father was diagnosed with cancer.

He couldn't survive for more than a month after the diagnosis and left his daughter's heart broken into pieces.

Neither could she walk the aisle, holding his hand, nor could she get a chance to shake a leg with her daddy dearest.

But, she definitely had the world's best husband, Don. He had been madly in love with this pretty lady. He had loved her with all his heart and soul, so much that he couldn't stand a drop of tear of sadness in her eyes and decided to do something incredible after their first dance as husband and wife....

Read ahead to know what he did..It's beautiful..

#1 'Cause You're Amazing Just The You Are..

When the couple had grooved to the romantic music after taking the vows, Don had prepared a dance number with his sons on Bruno Mars' 'Just the way you are'

Shannon was overwhelmed by the love he was showering on her, but this wasn't it, he had yet another performance with words of the song 'Infinity' written on a paper.

Seeing her husband giving his best shot to make her smile, Shannon couldn't stop her tears of happiness until Don turned around putting on a T-shirt with 'May I have this dance' written on it and then turned around.

This was something she couldn't have ever imagined he'd do. It had her father's photo.

Though he cannot get her father back but he tried his best to make her moment special as Shannon's dream was to dance with her father.

Watch the entire heart touching moment in the video.

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