Even After His Wife Died, He Sells Wood Everyday To Pay Her Medical Bills!

Because true love never dies.

#3 Tragedy Never Comes With An Invitation!

#3 Tragedy Never Comes With An Invitation!

To grow old with your loved one is every human's wish, to stay by their side during thick and thin, to protect them from all odds. But some are not lucky enough to stay with their loved one until they count their last breath. This story is of Kenneth Smith and his wife Helen who were spotted selling woods as his wife was unwell and was almost on death bed but they needed money to pay her medical bills. A woman, Jessica Pittman while driving through her home town, Gulfport, Mississippi she noticed Kenneth and his wife standing beside their SUV parked on the side of the road.

This sight caught her eyes and she went forward to know what was the real reason behind it. Kenneth was selling woods he'd chopped from his own farm for $5 a bag just to make some money to pay the medical bills for Helen who was suffering from lung cancer.

#2 Major Missing!

#2 Major Missing!

A year later, Jessica was crossing the same road when she met with Kenneth selling woods once again but this time he was alone. Helen wasn't by his side this time. On asking, she came to know that Helen lost her life to cancer. Even after her death, he had to fulfill the payment of the bills.

Jessica was so moved by his act that she decided to make this thing viral and had posted on her social media saying, "If y'all need any kindling wood please come buy from this precious 80-year-old elderly man. His name is Kenneth. He parks on the corner of Carl Leggett and West Taylor Rd. In Gulfport right near Bayou Bluff. He is there every day for hours. Selling for $5 a bag.

Background story: Last year he was there selling as well but he had his sweet little wife Helen with him. He is still selling to help pay for his wife's doctor visits and bills. This year he is alone."

#1 The Story Continues..

Further she said, "He said his wife Helen lost her battle to cancer a few weeks ago and he is still selling to cover pay for her doctor bills. My heart breaks every time I pass him. He waves at every single car that passes. Friday I was at the stop sign as a funeral procession was passing by. And he was standing alert with his straw hat over his heart. Precious man. I can't buy it all!! Anyway.... We can all spare $5 to help this sweet man.

After I posted this, a go fund me account was created by Kenneth’s son Leslie. Not by me. I don't know the extent of his bills but have been told that he and his wife spent all of their life savings to cover doctor bills over the last few years of her treatment and he is having a hard time making ends meet."

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