Childhood Bully Asks Her On A Date. But Instead Of Showing Up, She Has The Waiter Hand Him THIS!

A revenge well taken.

#3 Flashback From The School Days.

#3 Flashback From The School Days.

Every kid has their own story to tell from the school life when they grow up. Be it the notorious kid who is loved by all, a quite kid who finds the corner seat to sit quietly or a bully who is liked by none but still bask himself like a boss.

This girl, Louisa, also had her part to lay open about her school-time when she was 12 years old. Being a chubby, fatty kid, she was never called by her own name. Instead, the bullies used to call her by names like, “hairy” and “manbeast.”

She surely had a tough teenage phase. One of the guy was so after her, twinging her to such extent that she had to cry herself to sleep for three long years that resulted in making her anorexic.

#2 The Miserable Event.

#2 The Miserable Event.

Louisa had a hard time to get over the ill-treatments. But later on she could substantiate her worth and dedicated herself to build a healthy and beautiful tomorrow. Her commitment and wholeheartedness showed up and she now has a gorgeous figure.

It was during a college sports event when she met a guy who'd asked her out for a dinner. Yeah, she's in the game now with too many hearts after her, trying their luck on her.

But this guy was totally different from the other guys. Wanna know how ?

Although, he was being too sweet to impress her but nothing could melt her heart even a bit. yes you guessed it right, this was that bully who had almost sent her into depression 8-10 years back. But she never spoke to him regarding the past, rather agreed to go out on a date with him.

Nevertheless, keep reading to know what she does to him there.

#1 She Couldn't Get Better Enough.

#1 She Couldn't Get Better Enough.

Louisa could never forget that devil face even though he doesn't know who he was flirting with. This lady wasn't ready to let him go this easily after what he had done to her yeas back. She had a plan to equate the grudges she had lived with for this big time interval.

She said yes to him for dinner but never came up and had asked a waiter to hand over this hand-written letter to him which had revealed who she was and what great he had done to him. She stood him up

Louisa in back in the game after her post got viral and has her too, in the limelight.

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