The Royal Family Shared These Pictures Of Prince George And Were Criticized Heavily. Checkout Why...

These pictures were heavily criticized. Checkout why....

#3 The Royal Family

#3 The Royal Family

Everything that Royal family does becomes an instant news. People all around the world are interested in knowing about the day to day affairs of the Royals.

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared some cute pictures of Prince George on social networking websites. The pictures very extremely adorable but something was wrong.

#2 This Picture

#2 This Picture

It is almost impossible to please people around the world. In the set of certain outstanding pictures, people found a huge flaw that became a huge talking point on social media.

Look at the picture above. This is the picture in question. Do you find anything weird here? Well, certainly not The prince as he is looking adorable.

Keep reading ahead to see what is wrong with this picture.

#1 The Flaw

This picture shows Prince George with family pet, Lupo. On a glance, this picture looks super amazing but people all around the world are going mad over this.

Slammers say George's seemingly innocent act of sharing his white chocolate ice cream with the family's pet pooch is actually cruel because some dogs are allergic to dairy.

What do you think about this picture? Let us know in the comments section below.

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>> The Royal Family Shared These Pictures Of Prince George And Were Criticized Heavily. Checkout Why...
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