Hilarious Picture Comparison Of How He Clicks Vs How She Clicks

Its always said men/guys click the best pictures, but little do you know they at times mess it all. Guys are always lost cause when it comes to taking pictures. You can do your pest pose and wait till he messes up with the pictures. You can literally do somersaults to get him a perfect picture, candids and work out pictures. But, as soon as it is his turn, he is picture-perfect, and we, of course, feel the pain and these girls can relate to us.

This one is still acceptable but still.

She truely made him look like he’s in a music video, but what he did was worst.

Seriously, what was he trying to capture, like cant really guess.

She rocked it ,but he need to learn alot.

So, she had to take another pic of him because it wasn’t “good enough”. like seriouly? and what about him?

At least wait for her to fix herself, what’s with men and patience really cant get it.

Do you people do this on purpose?

He has a bad timing , like seriously,why would do that to your girl.

How do they manage to click us in such weird poses? I’m telling you, there is a hidden motive truely.

Can you guess what exactly he is upto, she has done a pretty cool job, but he finds no way to bug her.

And here we have another guy, i mean come on , can you explain mate what was your intention behind this pic.

If you think this is okay, there’s something wrong with your brains, and why wont you judge your boyfriend after this trageic picture.

Her picture taking skills are just amazing, but to your notice what with the other click.

Mens dont know what bugs them with girls , where they dont leave a single oppurtunity to make them look bad.

There you are with another guy clicking weird pictures and she just masterd her skill of photography, what do you think?

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