Woman DESTROYS The Person Who Left THIS Note For Parking In A Disabled Spot.

Everyone you see is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Don't ever forget that. This story will teach you a lesson everybody should never forget.

#3 The Scene

#3 The Scene

A car was parked at the spot reserved for the differently abled at Rocklin Elementary. The women who walked out apparently looked well-endowed and perfectly healthy.

This little incident triggered a shocking chain of events. Keep reading to find out.

#2 The Note

#2 The Note

All this was seen by a passerby and they decided to teach the woman a lesson.

The anonymous passerby left behind this condescending note. It was stuck on the car for the owner and everyone else to see.

As it turns out, the passerby had got it completely wrong. The truth was completely unexpected and shocking!

#1 The Truth

Cameron McMillin couldn't really reply to who left the note, so she took to Facebook to respond.

Here's what she posted. It will break your heart!

"I think it's my turn to say something. Hello. My name is Cameron McMillin.

Today you made me cry, but that's okay. I'd like to take this time to inform you about a medical condition that I have called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

It is a connective tissue condition that causes pain in my joints, muscles, and all throughout my body, dislocated hips, knees, ankles, and ribs, heart palpitations, organ problems, multiple surgeries, and many more.

You have no idea what I go through every single day.

I know you made a snap judgement by what you saw, but what you see on the outside is not what exists on the inside. My body may be weak, but I am strong.

Next time please get to know a person before you make a comment like this. People who have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome are never heard and I want to change that. It's about time we gain a voice."

She's said it all.

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