When The Policewoman Beats Him, The Beggar Stays Calm. But What The Kid In The Background Does...

At a first glance, this social experiment couldn't be more cruel.

#3 It Takes One To Know One.

#3 It Takes One To Know One.

People are really amazing, some seem to shock us, while others leave us awestruck with what they do. People have a very basic personality. No person is bad. They have what it takes to spread love and affection. They are capable of seeing other's pain, feel it like it's their own and come to their aid. One small act of kindness is what it takes, to compel the brotherhood between humans.

These two young gentleman were doing a social experiment to see how the people around their city, treat the homeless people that beg on the street. They asked one of their younger brother to help them in this social experiment. They went around the city, to see if they could find a homeless person who really needs help. To see what follows, go to the next page.......

#2 This Is So Sad

#2 This Is So Sad

These two gentlemen went around the city and found a homeless person. They decided to send their brother to sit right next to the homeless beggar and beg on the same street. They also decided to give the money raised by their brother by begging to the homeless person at the end of this experiment. When they actually started shooting this video, they realized that this homeless guy was being treated very badly by other people.

Mostly none of the people gave the homeless guy any money. As opposed to this, they gave money to the little boy who was begging right next to him. The homeless man was crying throughout this entire day. When he approached a police woman to help him with some spare change, she almost started to hit him and called him names. Another person threw food on him when he asked for food or spare change. But what happened next, you would have not expected. This will make u weep like a baby.

#1 He Has A Heart Of Gold.

The homeless man asked the little boy to keep an eye over his stuff so that he can go clean himself. On his way back the homeless begger got a slice of pizza for himself and one for the young kid. The two gentelmen making the video interrupted him and asked him what he was doing. He said that he was just providing food to another homeless kid who was maybe, just as hungry as he was . He also mentioned that he was a USA veteran and once served his country. This is what humans are capable of. The ones who have less are always the ones who give more.

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