VIDEO: Man Is Washing His Hands In A Clubs Restroom, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Mirror, You'll Be Speechless.

This mirror truly shows something more than you...

#3 Reflecting Truth

#3 Reflecting Truth

When you're looking in a mirror, you're looking at your true self. In simple terms, it reflects who you are.

This unique mirror in an ordinary washroom at a bar gives people a very important message in a not so ordinary way.

It's the last thing you'll be expecting this mirror to show, especially at a bar!

#2 Post-intoxication horrors

#2 Post-intoxication horrors

Intoxicated driving has become a very serious issue and because of it innocent people face the consequences.

Kris Caudilla convicted the crime of murdering while driving after being intoxicated. He is currently serving 15 years in a jail in Florida.

So to make people aware about the consequences and prevent them from doing something dangerous while intoxicated, 'We Save Lives' - an international coalition- sets up the mirror in such a way that you come face to face with Kris from prison.

People react shockingly when they see him and converse with him.
To know what Kris says from the other side, check out the video...

The Video

As they say 'Prevention is better than cure' and this message was most accurately taught through this way!

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