Two Girls Pose For A Photo At Disney World, But Look Closely At Minnie Mouse's Hands!

If you ask most children what they think of Disney World, you'll get the same answer. For little ones, this is a truly magical place, where they can see and meet their favorite characters. While there's just no doubt that every child loves this attraction park, for some it really is a place where dreams come true.

#3 Meet Shayley

#3 Meet Shayley

Shaylee was born deaf, as was her mother. Obviously she had a very difficult childhood and her parents did not have high hopes for her.

But as it turns out, she has made it. Shaylee is now in a school for the differently abled and she has learnt ssign language with about 50 of her classmates.

Shaylee once went to disneyland and something happened that no one had expected! Read on to find out what it was!

#2 Shaylee Goes To Disneyland

#2 Shaylee Goes To Disneyland

Today Shaylee is a happy child. She is having the life her parents never though she would. This one day her parents took her to Disneyland.

She was having a great day when Minnie mouse came along and Shaylee was absolutely delighted. She clicked a picture with Minnie as you would expect any child would. But when they saw Minnie's hand, everybody was absolutely shocked!

Don't stop reading!

#1 Unbelievable!

#1 Unbelievable!

As it turns out, Minnie mouse knew sign language! That meant Shaylee could talk to her favourite character in her own language! Who would have ever known!

It was the best surprise of Shaylee's life! Keep reading to watch the video of her reaction. It will touch your heart!

The Video

Here it is. It will totally touch your heart! I was almost reaching for the box of tissues on my table. Don't forget to share!

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