This policeman freed a dog from a fence. He never expected how the dog would react.

The sweetest call in years ...

#4 Just Another Day

#4 Just Another Day

It was a regular day when officer Nick Sheppard was patrolling the city. Things seemed quiet and peaceful and he was in a mellow mood too.

Suddenly, Nick got a call about a dog that was caught up in a wire. Nick was a major dog lover himself and knew that sounded like trouble because the poor animal could easily have injured itself or already be in a lot of pain!

He rushed to the spot immediately...

#3 Let's Do This

#3 Let's Do This

Nick soon arrives and steps out of the car. He straps on a head cam to record the rescue and begins his approach.

He notices the scared little fella with his leg horribly suck in the fence. Wonder how he got there. After a few minutes of trying, Nick finally manages to free the dog but before he could get a good look at the dog to return it to its owner, the scared little canine runs off.

Now what would Nick do? Read on to find out!

#2 The Chase

#2 The Chase

Nick immediately decided to chase him and it took a bit of following. Finally Nick found the little fella.

But when he did find him, Nick became absolutely speechless...

Don't stop reading!

#1 The Video

Here's the entire incident. This video will answer all the questions you have. Don't forget to share it with your friends!

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