This Video Of Depp Surprising Pink Is Pure Gold, Take A Look...

So this is what happens when one celebrity surprises the other celebrity on a talk show. This was awkward!

#3 Celeb Crush

#3 Celeb Crush

Right now, at this point, I can name 100 celebrities I have a huge crush on. Honestly speaking, I don't even know what exactly will be my reaction if I get to meet either of them.

I always though that this is our thing. Crushing on celebrities and going weirdly mad around them is what I am referring to. But turns out that I am wrong.

#2 Pink's Crush

#2 Pink's Crush

A recent video out from Jimmy Kimmel Live shows that even celebrities go mad around their other celebrity crushes. So Pink was present as the star guest. She mentioned how huge of a crush she has on Johnny Depp.

But with Jimmy Kimmel being Jimmy Kimmel, he couldn't resist the opportunity for a bit of TV gold so he calls Johnny out on stage. At this moment, Pink's face says it all.

Keep reading ahead to see the video of this moment.

#1 The Video

Pink was so embarrassed that she kept saying "Go away. That was awful. That sucks. I hate you. I hate you." This was such a sweet scene for all the viewers.

Pink's reaction proves that all the celebrities are after all normal human beings like us. This moment is worth million dollars.

Checkout the video here.

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