This Toddler Had An Argument With Her Father, And It's Adorable

When this daddy and daughter get into an argument, it becomes too cute to handle. This toddler is quite the talker.

#2 Cute Toddlers

#2 Cute Toddlers

You remember that adorable baby who reads with his mother? Well, we've got more cute kids for you today!

Parents and their children have arguments all the time but it gets a whole level above intense when the child is a cute toddler. Toddlers can barely talk and their hand gestures are to die for. Oh and have you seen a toddler puff their face up? It's next level cuteness.

What happens when a 15 month old gets in an argument with her daddy? The bystanders go "aww." Check the video ahead. Hold on to your jaws.

#1 Meet Lola

And that's what happens when a grown man tries to mess with the cutest kid ever! Somebody definitely got shown their place today!

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