This Is The Single Best Newspaper Column Response I've Ever Read

This cutting from a newspaper was being shared on social media and causing quite a stir. It is taken from a popular column from the Denver Post

#2 Just Ask Amy

#2 Just Ask Amy

Agony aunt columns are columns that are meant to give out advice to people. People write to them to find someone who understands their problems, someone who has been through the same, someone who knows that it is okay to make mistakes and knows how to fix it. The columnists are called agony aunts because it represents the image of an older woman dispensing comforting advice and maternal wisdom.

Ask Amy is one such popular agony aunt column that runs in the Denver post. This particular newspaper cutting has been doing the rounds on popular social media owing to its funny nature. The woman writing to Amy apparently wants Amy to take her side. But our dear Amy has other ideas. You will soon find out just why Amy did what she did. Go to the next page and take a look at the letter written to Amy.

#1 Don't Mess With Amy

#1 Don't Mess With Amy

Do you see just why this post is so popular? Amy gives the best answer to this person. If you ask me she totally had it coming.

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