This Grandma Runs Into The Rain. The Reason Why? I'm In Tears!

Don't be afraid to get wet!

Rains are a nuisance

Rains are a nuisance

Getting caught in the rain always seems like a problem. It forces you to stop and miss that important thing you always need to get to. The other option is getting wet in the rain, which isn't really an option at all.

Running through the rain would result in all of our clothes getting wet, our bag getting spoilt and any and all electronic items on our person being ruined. So what do we do? What options do we have other than cursing the rain and nodding our head in agreement.

The grandmother in this video shares the same views about rain at the beginning of it, but by the end she is convinced to run through the rain. What changed?

Light Rain

The rains force us to stop. To take time out of our busy lives and come to a halt. While we do not like this unwanted stop we can always learn to make the best of it.

Remember when all you wanted to do every rainy season was to go out and play in the rain? What happened to that? what happened to the young you? In the fast and hectic lives we live today we always forget to take a moment to take in the beautiful sights.

In the following short film titled "Light Rain," a little girl begs her mom to run into the rain. At first, the mom refuses her request, not wanting to get wet - but then the little girl says something that reminds us just how important it is to not take life for granted.

Watch the video and help remind yourself the same thing.

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