This Dog Was Frightened of Humans. But When They Go To Rescue Him? I Couldn't Hold My Tears!

This is absolutely HEARTBREAKING to watch!

#4 Animal Abuse

#4 Animal Abuse

Dogs are fascinating creatures and often incidents documented involving them touch our heart and really make us rethink certain aspects of our life. One example is how we previously showed you a heart touching project by a photographer who decided to photograph how dogs age.

Animal abuse is a global phenomenon. It gives us a peek into the dark side of the seemingly feeble and innocent human mind. No matter what you think, the fact is, animal abuse happens and it happens more than you think.

#3 Stray Dogs

#3 Stray Dogs

They're like children of the streets. Frequently just born out there and more frequently than you'd think abandoned too, stray dogs lead a hard life. What's more - they have no protection whatsoever. They are the most frequent victims of animal abuse.

Continue reading to find out about a guy wrenching dog who was found abandoned. This will have you reaching for the tissues.

#2 Meet Holly

Prologoned abuse can inflict serious psychological damamged, permanently leading the abused dog to be terrified of humans. Here's one such dog - Holly was found abandoned and her condition will grip your heart so tightly that tears will roll out of your eyes. There's more to it. Continue reading.

#1 Watch It To Believe It

She took about 20 minutes to give in to the people who were trying to help her and even after that was considerably scared and trembling. Her fosters gave her the best of care and the transformation that followed in the next three weeks will leave you speechless.

Don't believe me? See it with your own eyes.

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