This Bride With Beard Has Changed The Definition Of Beauty

This will blow your mind!

#3 The Bearded Bride

#3 The Bearded Bride

When famous British photographer Louisa Coulthurst featured 24 year old Hernaam Kaur in her catalogue on Urban Brides, the world lay startled at this unusual beauty. The story of her life will change the way you have been thinking about beauty. This tough woman has faced years of bullying over her facial hair. With her marvelous perspective, she changed the way she looked at her own life and redefined beauty for herself and for all women.

Meet the bearded bride, Harnaam Kaur! Harnaam says she feels more feminine than ever now. With her body and face covered in hair and stretch marks, she suffered greatly before the psychological transformation that lead to her freedom. Before she embraced her beauty, Harnaam would need to wax three or four times a week.

Kaur, now 24, began growing facial hair as an adolescent. She tried to remove her hair, but this greatly damaged her skin. "I started to wax my facial hair, tweeze it off, thread it off," she says. "I shaved every day and I even used hair removing creams. My skin became very rough, I was left with scabs, and parts of my skin were torn off when I was waxing."

Difficult as it was, with the right perspective this young woman has made a name for herself on social media and is an inspiration to women everywhere. I am sure that you are curious to know, as I was, who Harnaam is, what condition lead her to her beard and body hair and what she went through because of it. The story of her life and her journey made me cry.

Read on to get to know Harnaam.

#2 Meet Harnaam Kaur

#2 Meet Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam, from Slough, Berkshire, has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) which causes her body to produce more male hormones, that act as a trigger to the growth of excess body hair.The teaching assistant started to grow facial hair from the age of 11, and spent thousands of pounds desperately trying to get rid of it to maintain smooth, hairless skin. Growing up in the U.K, she was bullied relentlessly for having facial hair. "I was the ugly duckling in my group of friends," she says, "I remember being bullied by many different people in my primary and secondary school period. The bullies made my life a living hell every day. I did not enjoy my education, and I feel that I did not achieve as much as I could of because of all the bullying that I had faced."

Because she couldn't remove her hair, her depression over her appearance led her to begin self-harming, and eventually Kaur considered suicide. "One day I decided to actually go ahead with ending my life," she says. "I had the pills there ready." But something would not let her go through with it. "I decided to turn all that negative energy into positive energy, and grasp hold of life. I wanted to live a happy life, and I made the decision to keep my beard and accept my body for the way it was formed." Read on to discover the change in her and how her activism now affects the world around her.

#1 Harnaam's Definition of Beauty

#1 Harnaam's Definition of Beauty

Harnaam suffers for PCOD and her condition made her life hard until she decided to change her perspective. 'As I sat there, I started to counsel myself. I told myself, "The energy you are putting into ending your life, put all that energy into turning your life around and doing something better."' Now a body confidence and anti-bullying activist, Kaur fully embraces her unique look and hopes to encourage others to do the same. "I allow myself to buy beautiful dresses, wear makeup and do my nails," she says. "I am a woman with a beard and I fully celebrate that."

"I feel that my appearance empowers and strengthens me to walk into the world, knowing that I stand up for a diverse look in beauty," she says. "I believe that we cannot label what is perfect in society these days, as people are different from each other. It is beautiful to see people accept who they are regardless of what they look like."
"I pray that my followers become body confident and strong," she says. "I trust that they will see that beauty is not just about what a person looks like from the outside, but all about the gems that they hold inside too." There is so much we can learn from Harnaam's story, and I hope you can look at yourself with kindness in the mirror today.

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