This Baby Fell Into The Pool When No One Was Watching. What Happened Next? I Gasped.


#3 Prevention Is Better Than Cure

#3 Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Children are gods gift on earth. Their complete innocence and curiosity is touching and can be extremely endearing. Children, especially toddlers find pleasure in exploring new environments and doing new things. Such toddlers are not really aware of the dangers that exist in the world out there.

As parents we consider it to be our responsibility to take care of our child, to keep him safe from all dangers. But what about the dangers that cannot be seen? What about that one moment when we are distracted, when we are not fully alert of our child. Who will save him from the dangers he presents to himself? Watch this video and be assured, keep your baby safe even when you are not around to protect him. Prevention is always better than cure. Just go to the next page.

#2 In The Blink Of An Eye

#2 In The Blink Of An Eye

A second is all that is needed for the unexpected to happen. In a second our entire life can change, in the blink of an eye. The video shows an unattended child stepping out and walking to his pool. The father of the child has just left the house believing the child to be safely indoors. But the unexpected happens as the dog pushes the door open, with the door open the child now has access to the pool.

With nobody to stop him the child approaches the pool. He does not understand that his curiosity can even prove fatal.He falls face first into the water, and it seems as though all is lost. And then the incredible happens, the child begins to kick, and float up. How does he do this? Watch the video on the next page.

#1 Keep Your Child Safe. Always.

The Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has taught self-rescue skills to more than 175,000 infants and toddlers. It teaches babies how to survive when they fall in fully clothed and wearing shoes. It also teaches children how to call out for help in such circumstances. Watch this video and get more details on the ISR and their perfect track record with their children.Watch and share this video, help your child be safe and spread the word.

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