They Watch A Man Walk Out Of His Car - The Dogs Reaction Is One She'd Never Seen Them Have

A war veteran broke up into tears when he met his two dogs after along time.

#3 Reunion

#3 Reunion

Meet Panda and Mama the two dogs who are brought to Los Angles to meet their owner Joshua. The war veteran had to leave the dogs in Louisiana when he was moving to California because he could not take them along with him.

And now after a along time of two months they are going to meet again. The dogs were so attached to their master that they did not eat properly after getting separated from their master. They are brought to a park outside the city by a volunteer Mariah who took care of them in the absence of Joshua. see what happens when they meet each other, do not miss it.

#2 Happy Faces

#2 Happy Faces

The moment Joshua stepped out of his car, panda and Mama started staring him. And it took a fraction of second for them to realize that it is Joshua. Both ran towards Joshua and their tails began to wag.

Joshua was also very happy to see his dogs. He got so emotional that he started crying. The dogs excitedly jumped and loved their owner. Mariah was so happy to see the reunion and it made her emotional too. To know what happens next, keep reading.

#1 Happy Ending

The dogs were in full of their energy. Their personalities have completely changed from depressed to happy ones. Joshua was also very happy as he was going to live with his dogs once again.

He offered them their favorite food to eat which they enjoyed a lot. They all thanked Mariah who made this reunion possible. to discover more please watch this video and if you like it then do share it.

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