They Sing RING OF FIRE- But In A Way That Sent Chills Down Everyone's Spine

Lennon and Maisy put a different spin on Johnny cash's hit RING OF FIRE that has the audience enraptured with their beautiful harmonies. Their voices blend...

#2 Ring of Fire

#2 Ring of Fire

The entire world is tied by music. Music soothes our life. And every year, reality shows seek out new talent in this field. We've all heard the old versions, why not spin the song into something new and different? Here, that's exactly what Lennon and Maisy do with Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire."

Not only do they give this song their own unique flare, their voices and instrumentation are perfectly matched with one another. There are more such amazing things about this performance. To know about them, check out the next page. Also see the amazing video of this brilliant performance on the next page...

#1 The Video

So we were talking about the other amazing things about this performance. The best part is that these two are totally self taught, both on instrument and voice. Their musical family certainly helped develop their natural talents, and the result is this beautiful and amazing performance. They also have had roles on the TV show "Nashville"! It's going to be amazing to see where these two go in the future. They have strong, natural talent and as you can see here, they have already proven themselves to be a hit with audiences. Check out the video here...

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