These Irish Guys Get A Back, Crack, And SACK Wax And It's Hilarious.

RIP, these guys' balls.

#4 Feeling It!

#4 Feeling It!

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Ladies especially, you're going to love this. And the gents, well y'all are in the right place to satisfy your curiosity.

Check out the picture below. That's how men react when they hear about waxing. Women are used to it, they're probably doing it all their life. Some don't even feel the pain anymore.

But these men are totally about to feel it...

#3 Time For Justice

#3 Time For Justice

Women are always complaining about how they have to go get waxed and it's completely alright for men not to. Men do the occasional shave, sure, but waxing is something very few of us do.

It's considered socially inappropriate for a woman to expose her unshaved legs but not for men. That's hardly fair right?

Well justice is about to be delivered and we've got it on video for you. Keep reading! You're going to love this!

#2 Ouch!

#2 Ouch!

But there's a twist. They're not going to be waxing their legs or arms. They're going to be ridding their pubes of all hair! Yep, those are some of the most dreaded waxes, even by women!

Their reactions are absolutely hilarious. Oh and these men are hotter than the funny pictures you've been seeing, so have fun ladies!

And my fellow men, prepare for some nail biting vicarious pain!

#1 The Video

Here you go. My girlfriend's been pestering me to wax my underarms. Guess what, honey? I'm not gonna do it. Not after watching this!

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