Theme Park Snow White Stuns Mom Of Autistic Boy!

The video speaks for itself.

#3 Autism

#3 Autism

Autism is a mental illness, more specifically a developmental disorder which leaves people that have it socially incapacitated. They are unable to form fulfilling relationships with people and border on being asocial. In rare cases, it is also accompanied by speech deficits.

Today we have the story of an autistic boy that will touch your heart! So keep reading!

#2 An Outing!

#2 An Outing!

Amanda Coley and her son Jack went out to the Florida Theme Park. Jack has mostly always been nonverbal because of his autism but that day, something miraculous happened! A child who had never spoken to strangers was now laying his head on her lap, staring into her eyes!

What had she done? It was nothing short of magic! Amanda was beyond all heights of happiness to see her son like that. Snow White had brought out the little boy in him!

And guess what, it all happened to be captured on video! Keep reading to watch it!

#1 Watch It!

Here it is. Watch it with your own eyes. And hey, you might want to keep a box of tissues handy. Especially if you're a parent or parent-to-be, this video will touch your heart!

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