The Truth Behind Michael Jackson's Anti-Gravity Illusion Is Unbelievable!

Michael Jackson, the king of pop is the greatest entertainer we have known. He had given us great music, great dance moves and greatest of showmanship...

#2 Michael Jackson

#2 Michael Jackson

Here we are talking about someone immortal, the king of Pop, the great MICHAEL JACKSON. He is one person who will be remembered till the end of eternity. He had a unique style and made tons of steps famous. One of such step was 'The Anti-Gravity' step.

Jackson was actually a creative genius and had smart brains which led him to create the patented anti-gravity lean. The iconic Anti-gravity Lean was first performed on Smooth Criminal and was executed very smoothly. Everyone wondered how Michael pulled it off. Do you wanna know the reality? Check out the next page to know the hidden secret.

#1 The Secret

#1 The Secret

Jackson was indeed a genius. The guy was an engineer in disguise. The real secret behind this step lies in the shoes used to perform this step. MJ created these shoes along with the help of Michael L. Bush and Dennis Tompkins in 1992. They designed the shoes to be stylish and for the task of redefining the gravity.

Jackson was sure of creating a stir amongst his fans with this step and therefore, he even patent the shoe. People loved this step and everyone was left amazed. Here we even show you the blueprint of the shoes with the patent. SO now you know the mystery behind Michael's extraordinary step. Take a look at the image.

Also, here we show you The Google document stating the details of the patent for the shoes as a proof. Look at the image. Genius, isn't it?

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