THIS Is Worse Than Texting While Driving

This video is fully designed to show what happens when you use your phone while driving. In this video, six lives were changed and it was all because somebody couldn't wait to look at their phone.

#3 It Still Happens

#3 It Still Happens

Despite the widely known dangers of texting while driving, let's face it, it still happens. 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.

The sad part about it that everyone thinks it's okay and that they're different from everybody. It's tempting to think that you are a responsible or experienced driver so it's okay. No matter how responsible or experienced you are, it only takes the blink of an eye to change everything.

Today's video will send chills down your spine. Keep reading.

#2 An Interesting Analogy

#2 An Interesting Analogy

Before we move on to the video, here's an interesting analogy for you to contemplate on.

The average driver drives at about 60 mph on the highway. If he looks down to merely read a text, he has spent about 3 seconds with his eyes off the road. Effectively, he has driven 3 quarters of a soccer field with his eyes closed. That's a LOT of room for error.

And that's when he looked down to merely read a message. Typing one out.. you don't even want to know. And that's not exactly what happens in this video, but what does happen will blow your mind. Keep reading!

#1 Watch It

This video will shock you and leave your jaw dropped to the floor. Go ahead and watch it.

PSST! Skip to 2:11. That's where the real action begnins!

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