Steven Tyler Runs Into Devastated Fan In Drugstore, Decides To Do Something Unbelievably Kind.

Grab some tissues because you're about to need them!

#4 Sold Out!

#4 Sold Out!

Sometimes, luck really isn't on your side and sometimes it turns like the flip of a coin! Anthony Yorfido suffers from down syndrome. He recently tried to get tickets to an upcoming Aerosmith show in Welland, Ont but they were sold out.

A few days passed by and he forgot about the disappointment. One day he was at the medical store with his mom Diane and they ran into a man who looked strangely familiar. Her mom couldn't recognize him quickly but Anthony knew in a split second that it was no one but Steven Tyler of Aerosmith!

Anthony ran up to him and engulfed him into the biggest hug he could. The picture looks sweet.

#3 How Lucky Can You Get!

#3 How Lucky Can You Get!

Tyler hugged Anthony back. He even kissed him and his mom on the forehead generously! Anthony's luck completely turned around didn't it? This was undoubtedly, the best night of his life! They proceeded to click this picture together.

But it was about to get better. A whole lot better. Keep reading! There's a video you absolutely don't wanna miss!

#2 Coming Backstage?

#2 Coming Backstage?

This incident was on the evening of the concert Anthony didn't get tickets for. Tyler asked him whether they were coming tonight and Anthony told him how disappointed he was.

Tyler got them backstage passes! Back fricking stage passes!! I would kill for those!

But Anthony was about to get a whole lot luckier! Guess what they're doing in the picture! Or watch the video below.

#1 Jam Time!

That's right. Tyler took him on stage and jammed with him live in front of an audience of thousands. What could have been more special? What an act of kindness. Watch the video below and try not to cry because I did.

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