Son Takes Photo Of Parents Holding Hands One Last Time. Their Story Will Impact You Deeply

No matter your story or situation, their always are people who cannot imagine their life without you.

#3 This is truly Heartwarming

#3 This is truly Heartwarming

We meet innumerable people in our life, some stop by while some walk by! But amidst this, there is always one person, whom you cannot imagine your life without. This story is about these bitter-sweet and emotional moments between a couple. Jim Minnini, resident of Ontario, 58 years, was sent to hospital for his impending treatment of lung cancer. But this time, it was at its terminal stage.

The same day, his wife Cindy had a heart attack, so she too, was rushed to the nearby hospital. Both of them were critical in the ICU, but not in the same facility. Their two sons, Chris and Mathew kept marching between the two hospitals heartbroken.

#2 The situation worsens

#2 The situation worsens

As soon as Jim got news of his wife, he wanted to see her. Unable to speak, he could only write "W" on a piece of paper, his son, Mathew told. But since hospital authorities understood what he wanted to convey, they brought Cindy to Jim's hospital. Though Cindy was under sedation, yet her being close to Jim comforted both of them

What happened next will surely melt your heart. Keep reading ahead to know the next.

#1 Inseparable Couple

#1 Inseparable Couple

Since she was unconscious, Jim silently held her hands as she slept. But, by the time Cindy came to, Jim had already passed away. The beautiful relationship they shared for past 24 years was amazing, Mathew said. He even clicked some pictures of the beautiful couple in Jim's last moments so that they can cherish these memories forever.

Of the last moments and his father's desire, Chris said, "He would have just kept hanging on. He wouldn't have left if he hadn't been able to say goodbye to her.He wasn't leaving this world until he said good-bye. That's what he wanted, that's all he wanted and as soon as he got that he was peacefully able to go."

"Seeing them, you knew it was right. You knew it was worth it, you knew that's what he wanted. It was like all the struggle he went through to try and get to say he wanted to go see my mom to the point where he actually saw her," Chris said.

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