Son Ignores Mom For Years. But When She Dies, He Looks Inside Her Casket And Sees It..

A lesson on life to the ones who are about to step into a newer phase.

#3 Message To The Susceptible.

#3 Message To The Susceptible.

They say teenage is the most crucial age in every person's life but the moment before they are to step into the teenage phase is equally vulnerable.

And infusing them with life lesson is even more compelling. Former Wrestler Marc Mero puts his story about his mother before these 6th,7th and 8th graders and leaves them wonder what is more important in life.

#2 YOU Are The Meaning.

#2 YOU Are The Meaning.

Even though these little heads were a tough challenge, Marc kept it simple and told them his relation with mom, which might have been relate-able to most among the crowd. His words left every eye drown in tears.

When he ended saying.."Love is just a word until you give it meaning — YOU are the meaning.”

Watch the entire video in next section..

#1 What He Shared Will Keep You Stunned.

Marc's emotions touched every heart as he goes on saying what his lose made him realize. That whatever he had been doing, he had her back. His his will surely give you goose bumps, watch his overwhelming story..

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