Something In Day To Day Life Which One Never Expects!!!

Her heart sank as she prepared herself for the worst

#5 Strange Occurence

#5 Strange Occurence

Humanity does exist still... Here is a story which proves it totally

An anonymous letter just arrived at the footsteps of Christopher Garrett who was grazing his lawn with his little son.

As he read that letter tears rolled down his cheek... and he rushed towards the house to see his wife.

#4 Unable To Understand

#4  Unable To Understand

The day began with the usual activities as Brittany Lynn Garrett was getting ready for work.

Suddenly her husband stood in front of him with a perplexed expression on his face. She wondered what on Earth could have gone wrong to have that kind of look on his face.

What must have been the situation that made both husband and wife so vile and horrific ?

Read ahead to know what the actual incidence was all about quite interesting...

#3 Unsound

#3 Unsound

And she was shocked for a while thinking there must be some bad news that he is about to tell her so her heart sank for an instant but then he recovered her thought process by telling that nothing bad as such happened.

What actually occurred you can read it further...

#2 Act Of Kindness

#2 Act Of Kindness

Someone outside his lawn left lawn mower which was a really expensive one.

She wondered may be somebody had noticed his disabled husband working hard in the yard which made him /her to do such an action of kindness...

What would have the family felt to know that read further...

#1 Being Grateful

#1 Being Grateful

She is very thankful to the one who has done this beautiful deed without even getting noticed

As his husband will not suffer the way he use from a great pain doing that job.

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