Single Mom Says She Can't Pay Rent. The Landlord's Response? UNBELIEVABLE

Pearl is a single mother of two kids. There was a dark period in her life when she and her children were homeless. Peal got laid off from her job, with no way of...

#3 For The Love Of Humans

#3 For The Love Of Humans

People can be extremely mean. They can be unhelpful and selfish when they need to be. But there are also a lot of good people out there. People who want to help others for absolutely no other reason than the satisfaction. It's people like these that payit4ward tries to recognize

Payit4ward is a movement started by a news channel in an attempt to give recognition and gratitude to extraordinary human beings. One such human being can be seen in the videos on the upcoming pages. This man helped out a single mother because she needed it. She will never forget his kindness.

#2 A Good Man

#2 A Good Man

Pearl is a single mother of two kids. There was a dark period in her life when she and her children were homeless. Pearl got laid off from her job, with no way of paying for a place to stay, and no way of paying her bills. That's when a guardian angel entered the picture; on her birthday, and with little hope left, Pearl bumped into her former landlord.

Twenty-six-year-old Rafael Trevino told Pearl that she and her family could live in one of his empty apartments at no cost, as long as she agreed to do one thing: to finish college and provide for her kids. Pearl was shocked by the offer and agreed to the terms. For 15 months, Pearl attended online classes while raising her two kids in a rent-free apartment. "I've offered to pay him back and he says 'no'..."not to stress,'" Pearl says.

Watch the video on the next page and find out just why this man is such a good person.

#1 Watch it

Rafael works 16-hour days just to make sure other people in need don't have to pay late fees on their rent. He attributes his utter selflessness to his late father, who was known to help strangers and acquaintances. "If we don't go around helping people out, what type of world are we going to be leaving for our children?" Rafael asks.

In the video below, Pearl nominates Rafael as the Pay it 4Ward recipient, courtesy of her local news station. Rafael thinks he's there to fix Pearl's front door, but instead he's about to be rewarded for his kindness in a big way. Please share this video to help people like Rafael and Pearl. Share it to remind people what a good person is and what they are capable of.

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