She Was Always Told She Was The Ugliest Girl Ever. What She Looks Like Now? This Is Amazing!

Look how once upon a times ugly women looks now.

#3 Bullying

#3 Bullying

How will you feel if while growing up everyone addresses you nothing but ugly. Imagine if 'Ugly' is the only word you constantly hear all the time. Yes, the pain is beyond your imagination.

But this story is inspiring. This pretty lady who was always told that she is the ugliest in the world stood up against her bullies and now her transformation is unbelievable. Take a look

#2 History

#2 History

Before we show you the video on the next page, it is important to tell you the History of this girl. So everyone around her thought that she is the ugliest girl in the world because of her strange face cuts. She never had friends and her relatives mocked her.

She never had a normal childhood like that of ours. That is when she decided that she'll change the way the world looks at her. This is what led to this outstanding transformation which is unbelievable. Check out the video on the next page.

#1 The Inspiring Video

Now this story asks us a question. This brave and beautiful soul has emerged as a stronger and better person because of the torment she faced during her life. Everyone has feelings and we need to remember that and celebrate our differences. Who do you want to be - the bully or the friend? Exactly.

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