She Took Pictures Of Fat Kids At School And Harassed Them. She Never Thought Dad Would Do THIS

Dad takes a firm stand against his daughter's bullying.

#4 It's Serious

#4 It's Serious

Bullying has become an increasingly gripping issue. So many children are growing up utterly emotionally scarred. Others, as young as 15 and 18 years old have gone to the extent of committing suicide!

Because the issue has become so serious, bullying needs to be addressed adequately and adults need to put their foot down and have an absolute zero-tolerance policy on bullying. That's exactly what this dad did.

This story will chill your bones...

#3 The Phone Call

#3 The Phone Call

Callie had always been a good girl. She's sweet, has good grades, great friends and still has time to be the best daughter! Callie's father is a single parent to three girls, one of whom is Callie.

One fine day, he got a call from a parent of Callie's classmate saying that her daughter was in the hospital because she had tried to slit her wrist! And it had something to do with Callie!

Read on to find out what had happened!

#2 Surprise

#2 Surprise

As it turns out, Callie had been in the forefront of making this girl feel horrible. She and her friend had clicked pictures of the overweight bending over an had been shaming her ever since!

Callie was out at the time her father got this news. He immediately called her up and asked her to come home but Callie said she was going to stay over at a friend's and hung up. Her dad tracked her down to the park and when he got there, he was shocked to see his 18-year-old girl drinking beer.

And oh he made sure she faced some serious consequences...

#1 The Consequences!

#1 The Consequences!

Callie's father had always taught her to be kind to people but I guess he failed to realize that as kids grow up, they really lose touch with their parents and the outside world becomes much more important.

Callie was (obviously) grounded but he didn't just stop at that. She posted a public apology to facebook and she is to apologize to the girl and her family once she gets out of the hospital.

She's going to be doing community service this summer and she can only use the landline phone. The hinges of her doors have also been taken off - no privacy for quite some time now honey! All her luxuries are now a myth - her shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and other cosmetics. Her room now only has her books and her keyboard piano.

What's your take on this?

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