She Is Not Sure Who To Kiss. What She Does Next Has The Entire Arena Laughing Out Loud!

Kiss cameras can light up a boring game like a sudden clap does to a sleeping cat. But this is not your usual kiss cam! Read on to find what happened. Oh and we've got a surprise for you in the end.

#4 The Tension

#4 The Tension

Watching sports grips you so much so that you sometimes feel the pain of every missed score and the ecstasy of every perfect score. It is especially true when you decide to buy tickets to the stadium and watch it live. It was a similar situation. Fans attending the LA Kings game back in 2013 were in for a special treat. It was the seventh game in the Western Conference Semifinals and tension was at peak.

#3 Time For A Stressbuster

#3 Time For A Stressbuster

In a heated situation such as this one, a stressbuster was not only welcome but it was called for! The LA Kings decide to host a kiss cam. You know kiss cams, the event that got you a girl you dated for a week and a half after the best ball game of your life. But this one was a little different.

The camera panned through the first few couples who turned out to be quite shy but did execute an excuse of a kiss. But what happened next was the real eye catcher!

#2 Induced Kissing

#2 Induced Kissing

The camera's crosshairs are next set on a blond girl in a long white sleeve shirt. She's taken aback by the sudden attention. Soon she makes it clear that the man is not her partner. The camera doesn't budge. In a quick decision, she does something absolutely bizarre!

#1 Surprise!

She kisses the man on her left, but does not stop there! She continues to kiss quite a few men around her because the camera is still on her! Crazy right?

Oh and guess what, David Beckham was at the game too! Surprise! We hope you enjoy the video and share it with other people who love the Kings, Beckham and Kiss cams!

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