She Filmed Herself One Second A Day For A Year, The Footage Gave Us SHIVERS!

Just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean it isn't happening.

#3 Most Shocking Second A Day

#3 Most Shocking Second A Day

Time lapse videos are a cool way to play around with time. It's also very popular these days. Do you remember those videos of California, memorial museum, or the snowflake last year (2014)? They had me flat at least. This girl filmed herself one second a day for a year. It's frighteningly touching.

This initiative was taken by the British Creative Agency, 'Don't Panic' for 'Save the children' organisation. The project was called "Most Shocking Second A Day". This is not a happy video though I really wish it was. It was made to draw atention to the violence ongoing in Syria. We often become oblivious to the happenings around in the world because we are so involved in our own lives. I assure you the video will have you in emotional turmoil.

#2 Her story

#2 Her story

The video starts with an innocent little girl just like we saw a typical loving family only to realise the harsh reality later. She was celebrating her birthday and goes on to show happy days of her life. It becomes a little vague by the middle and then soon turns into bombings and other violent activities. The videos ends with her next birthday in the hospital. If you see carefully, it seems as if her eyes speak.

Commenting on the film they said: "Our solution was to tell a story that would bring the realities of Syria home, and to do it we combined the one-second-a-day and photo time-lapse formats to create a new way of showing an ordinary girl's world falling apart in just a year," Don't Panic says.

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#1 This Will Move You

It's not that we aren't aware of the situation around, but we just tend to become ignorant. With so many crisis happening around us, we have more or less become used to it. So much that it has stopped affecting us. Please SHARE this video to make more people aware of the bigger picture. #everylifematters

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