She Dialed 911 And Pretended To Order Pizza To Alert Them Of Domestic Abuse

You won't believe how she did it.

#3 I Want To Order A Pizza

#3 I Want To Order A Pizza

Keith who is a lawyer at present, once worked as a police dispatcher. Once he came across a call that sounded like a prank in the beginning but later turned out to be a life threatening situation.

The lady on the call asked to order a pizza. Keith corrected her that she has dialed 911 and asked for any emergency. But she still placed her order and gave the choice of her topping.

#2 How Long Will It Take?

#2 How Long Will It Take?

The lady was aware that she has dialed 911 and it is an emergency number. She further inquired that how long will it take to reach.

Keith was a wise man. He realised that something is wrong with the lady. He asked for any emergency and her address. The lady confirmed it and gave him the address. Keith promised that the help is about to reach.

Main part is left .Read ahead to know the horrifying truth.

#1 Share The Story

#1 Share The Story

Keith further checked for history of the address and found many complaints of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. The officer arrived at the given address and found a girl who was a victim of domestic violence.

The lady was really smart. Share this story to spread awareness, so that it might help someone who is suffering from the same.

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