School Teacher Loses Her Job After Winning Gold Medal For Twerking

Do you think she deserved to be fired because of THIS?

#3 It's Back!

#3 It's Back!

The frist ever twerk "went down" back in 1990 and was since promoted by Beyonce and J Timberlake. Like every new thing, twerking lost it's appeal and quickly went back to the sidelines.

UNTIL the great Miley Cyrus did it over Robin Thicke's crotch at the 2013 VMAs. That's global coverage. Since then, it has gone completely viral. Twerk videos have literally infected the internet and today, we've got one of the best ones for you.

You don't want to miss this one, because it got her fired. Read on to find out how and why!

#2 She Got FIRED For This

#2 She Got FIRED For This

Adult life can quickly get monotonous especially because of people's jobs. The best solution to disturb this pattern of boredom is to go out on vacation!

This school teacher decided to do the same. She went out on vacation and completely let herself go. She got into a twerking competition and won it! Now something like that has to be on video. And guess what, the video made it back to her colleagues and she got fired for it.

Now we all know twerking can be sexually provocative, but did she deserve to get fired over this? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

#1 Watch It

Here's the video. Watch it and tell us what you think.

Was she treated justly? Does what you do outside the workplace have anything to do with your job? Heck she was on vacation and that too out of her own country!

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