Sarah McLachlan's duet of ARMS OF THE ANGEL With Pink Left The Audience Speechless

A truly beautiful duet, Sarah McLachlan and Pink's voices come together to compliment one another so beautifully in the famous song ARMS OF THE ANGEL.This video will surely leave you speechless. Take a look

#2 The Beautiful Duet

#2 The Beautiful Duet

Music is so powerful that it can set up your mood instantly. We all love Music. And If we get a Music reality show to watch every evening, it instantly becomes our favorite. Here's one that definitely hits it out of the park, big time! This has to be one of the all time best live performance video ever.

It's Pink and Sarah McLachlan and they merge their talents together for "In The Arms Of The Angel" which was written by Sarah and was a huge hit on the top 100 for several weeks. Their soulful voice touche everyone's heart. Now this is a video that you cannot afford to miss. As soon as you watch it, it immediately becomes your favorite. Take a look on the next page.

#1 The Amazing Video

As mentioned on the previous page, this is a video that you simply cannot afford to miss. With Pink's strong vocal range and Sarah being known for her excellent instrumentals (piano and guitar), this makes for a must see duet that rarely comes around. Enjoy these two excellent talents perform on stage together for a very memorable number that fans are sure to talk about for years! All you would say is 'Out Of The World'. Do let us know about your views about the video by commenting below. But before that, enjoy this amazing piece of artistic brilliance. Happy Videoing...

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