President Obama Made Amends For Forgetting To Salute A Marine. So Touching!

This was nice of him.

#3 Rules Be The Same For All.

#3 Rules Be The Same For All.

Be it President or any common man, when it comes to give away respect to the one who deserves, the principals be equal for all.

Just like, a Marine truly be entitled to salutes. Here's what President Obama did when he walked passed his Marine.

#2 He Is A Human Too !

#2 He Is A Human Too !

While the President was heading towards his jet, Marine was all set to pay him a salute and in return Mr. Obama was to respect back but as he went upstairs, he forgot. Being a President doesn't mean things cannot slip out of his mind.

But what he did after that, be a worthy of pat on his back. Read ahead to know why he's being appreciated for his truly worthy act

#1 Being Generous.

#1 Being Generous.

President returns back apologizing for his mistake of walking away casually, and salutes back.

Now, this is what is being Mr Barack Obama! He is genuinely kindhearted and knows well to acknowledge even his mistakes!

Not everyone can carry off like that! Cheers!

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