People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Real Reason Why Chopsticks Have That Bit You Break Off

Everybody loves Chinese takeaways. No takeaway is complete without chowmein and I prefer to eat mine with the chopsticks the restaurant has so kindly blessed me with.

I always assumed the little wooden tab on the back of the chopsticks was just meant to hold them together, but when I found out what it really is for... I lost my mind.

#3 You've Always Assumed It Was Useless

#3 You've Always Assumed It Was Useless

You know what they say, When you assume, you make an ass out of 'you' and 'me.'

Those little wooden tabs at the back of your chopsticks are designed to do much much more than just hold the two sticks together. In fact, they can make your dining experience a lot more convenient.

Hold on to your jaw because it is about to drop.

#2 The Internet Is Going Crazy

#2 The Internet Is Going Crazy

But before I give the secret away, let me tease you just a little bit more.

This is how people are reacting to the revelation. It is absolutely insane and nobody has ever thought of it before.

Don't be one of those duds who still don't know, keep reading to find out!

#1 The Secret Is Yours

#1 The Secret Is Yours

Unbelievable! Yes it was always as simple and obvious as this!

That little piece of wood has always been a little rest for your chopsticks in order to prevent dirtying your tablecloth.

Give that little wooden tab a little more attention from now on because it has always meant well by you. And don't forget to share this secret with your friends!

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