Now That's Dangerous What Carelessness Could Do!!!

A petition has also been set up,so far it has fetched almost 90,000 signatures.

#3 Serious Case

#3 Serious Case

It so happened at the Cincinnati Zoo in the US,that a four year old boy fell into the cave of a Gorilla.Now how did that happened ?Were the parents so careless about there kid ? This thing created outrage among the common people too.That parents were so very carefree.

#2 Accidental Incident

#2 Accidental Incident

The Silver black Gorilla dragged the boy in the water as noticed by people out there.To escape the boy before the gorilla killed him the government officers planned to shoot the animal down.

Now what did gorilla really do to the boy can only be seen through this video.

#3 Anger Of The Public

Public was outraged by this incidence and signed petitions against those parents who did not keep an eye to there child which led to this serious incident.

You can clearly watch here what a small careless mistake could do.

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