Mom Watching Surveillance Footage of Her 2-Year-Old In Daycare Faces a Horrifying Truth

Wow, this will definitely make you take a second look at your daycare center.

#3 An Innocent Life

#3 An Innocent Life

A parents duty is to shield their child from harm. No parent wants their child to be hurt. The worst thing that any parent could ever go through is watch their child get hurt. So you can only imagine her horror when Ryane Lamb discovered that her 2-year-old son Amari was being abused by his caretakers.

When the clueless mother picked up her son from daycare on Wednesday she discovered welts on his legs. The welts and bruises were so bad that she immediately took her son to the hospital and notified the police. In a surveillance video recorded around 5 p.m. that same day, a 49-year-old employee at Cedar Early Learning Center can be seen striking Amari up to 22 times with what's reportedly a plastic backscratcher before shoving him to the ground.How did the employers react to this? What happened to the person who did this? Go to the next page to find out.

#2 The Sorrow In The Mothers Eyes

#2 The Sorrow In The Mothers Eyes

The atrocities committed by the woman in this day care do not end there. Later in the video, the same woman drags and lifts the 2-year-old by one arm, dropping him onto a changing table. Another worker is seen clubbing an 18-month-old girl with a plastic bat the very same day. For the little boys mother it was all just too much.

With tears in her eyes, Lamb said:
"I could not believe it,Just looking at that, that this place even had the audacity to do that to my baby for no reason, he didn't deserve it at all." The two employees were immediately terminated by the daycare. Warrants have also since been filed for child endangering against two women - Melissa Tate for the abuse of a child, and Tonya James, another worker who witnessed Tate's actions but neither stopped nor reported the abuse.Watch the video and witness it for yourself on the next page. The sorrow in the mothers eyes.

#1 Know Who You Leave Your Child With

It is sickening to witness what people are capable of. But it is necessary to keep your eyes open and witness the dangers of the world and help other people from falling into the same trap. research your daycare centers share this video and let everyone know, it is important to know who you leave in charge of your children.

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