Mom Is Recording The Kids When She Realizes Something HORRIFYING - This Gave Me Chills!

How far do you go to keep your kids safe?

#3 The Silent Killer

#3 The Silent Killer

Children are a gift to humankind. While we adults have all been twisted and brainwashed with trying to fit into other peoples expectations, children do not face such a problem. They live their lives blissfully unaware of the dangers of the world. They look at everything with excitement and wonder. The ability of children to find wonder and joy even in the most mundane of activities is absolutely priceless.

But how safe are our children? Do you think they're safe at home? In their bed? Under the covers? Do you feel as though nothing can ever hurt them? That is just what this woman thought. Before this incident she had never even given thought to the silent killer present in her house, in every room. It is present in our homes as well. Go to the next page to find out what it really is.

#2 The Walla Family

#2 The Walla Family

These days it's impossible to keep your kids 100% safe all of the time.But this is one video you should watch to ensure that they do not face this danger. Meet the Walla Family from Chippewa Falls Wisconsin. The Walla's loved making videos and recording the daily lives of their children as they were growing up.

It was a regular afternoon at the Walla family residence and they were recording their children play,when suddenly things took a sinister turn for the worse.The camera captures little Gavin being choked by the cord from the Window blinds. The camera drops and mother Nicky runs to the rescue. The worried parents only posted this video to stop this from happening to anyone else. Go to the next page to see what happened to Gavin and where he is today.

#1 The Solution

How can we stop this from happening to our own children? First, the blinds industries should be informed about just how dangerous their inventions are. Steps should be taken to prevent more of such blinds being made. Until they stop making them it's a good idea to keep the blinds out of a child's reach. Share this to ensure that none of your friends have to experience this.

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