Mom Finally Meets Son She Gave Up For Adoption. Now They're Trying To Have A Baby TOGETHER

A mother has finally reunited with the son she gave up for adoption more than 30 years ago, and now they're planning on having a baby together. Keep reading for the full story!

#3 Back In The Day

#3 Back In The Day

31 years ago, Kim West gave up her baby for adoption a week after he was born. Ben Ford, now 32, decided to reconnect with his now 52-year-old mother two years ago.

Ben and Kim finally met and formed a bond like none other. Ever since, they've been together, romantically and sexually. And now, they want to start a family together.

At 32, you'd guess Ben was married, and oh, he was. Read on, this story is not even close to over!

#2 Like Peas In A Pod

#2 Like Peas In A Pod

According to a special report by new day, Ben left his wife to be with his mother! That's right, this man has got some balls, ladies and gentlemen!

At first, the couple did try to forge a familial bond but it didn't feel quite real. In fact, they say they quickly started feeling like "peas in a pod and meant to be together."

By this point, we know what you're thinking and the inevitable question in your mind too. Is this incest? Read on to find out what the couple has to say about it. And oh there's some very interesting facts to follow that you totally don't want to miss!

#1 It's Rare But It Happens

#1 It's Rare But It Happens

While Kim and Ben don't consider themselves to be an incestuous couple, they do acknowledge the power of genetic sexual attraction, a reatively rare condition in which blood relatives become sexually attracted to one another after meeting for the first time as adults.

Guess what, Kim and Ben aren't alone. Recently, The New York Mag interviewed a woman who began sexual relations with her biological father after meeting him as a teenager. Others have written about getting romantic with their fathers after meeting them at 19.

The world doesn't judge them. Do you?

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