If You've Ever Considered Getting Family Stickers For Your Car, You Need To Know THIS

Think before you stick em...

#3 Car Decoration

#3 Car Decoration

Many of us love decorating our cars with stickers. Some are really cool and well... some are really horrible!

Although , the bumper stickers in the picture above are simply adorable and cute. They also look great on cars but there's a catch here.

These bumper stickers can be dangerous. To know how, keep reading ahead...

#2 Bummer Sticker?

#2 Bummer Sticker?

These stickers act as small symbols of information about the driver and its family. And in a way it can grab the wrong person's attention.

For example, stickers could show that the car belongs to a single mother and a single mother is an easy target for burglars.
Even when you have a soldier sticker, it could mean that an important adult of the family is away from home. Thieves could target the house if they know that the kids aren't grown up to defend the house.

But according to Monica Liebenow and Phil Barham, the creators of the stickers, say that these stickers are harmless. It could give away a lot of info but will anyone use it?

Check out the video to know more...

#1 The Video

In the end, stickers could give away information but on the other hand it doesn't have any real effect

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