His Parents Had No Clue What Happened To Their Son On 9/11 Until They Saw This

This Is Heart Breaking...

#3 9/11

#3 9/11

Once upon a time, we told you about the worst jobs in America and today we'll discuss the worst day of America. Who can forget that dreadful day? Which day was it? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday??? How does it matter? Tons of humans died and property was hammered? Well, that day will go down as the worst day in U.S.A's history. This story that we are about to show you is equally sad. The story is about a guy. His Parents Had No Clue What Happened To Their Son On 9/11 Until They Saw what we are about to show you ahead.

But before that, answer this simple question, if you had only an hour left to live on Earth, how would you spend it? Well, this guy called Welles Remy Crowther spent it helping others to safety. So what exactly happened? Actually, he was a part of 9/11 mishap. He was one of those thousands of victims who were struggling for their life after the planes crashed twin towers. In those final moments of his life, Remy sent a voice mail to his mom. So what exactly did he say? What was the reaction of his Mom?

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